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More and more OshiGaku <3

I have even more OshiGaku stuff now :)

First of all, I have 2 new OshiGaku fanart! And one of those fanart has a fanfic companion. All three are for the 30_kisses community. Oh and I have one really random Gaku fanart :D

The 3 fanart can be found on my art site. It's the ones highlighted in red.

If you use FIREFOX, click here.
If you use IE/Netscape/AOL, click here.

As for the fanfic, here you go! I won't make you go all the way to the fanfic section on my site.

Title: Never Gone
Authoress: chibichimp
Pairing: Oshitari Yuushi/Mukahi Gakuto and a hint of Shishido/Ohtori
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Theme: #06 the space between dream and reality
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis or any of its characters.
Notes: I rather like this one :D I also drew fanart for go with it! You know, I realized that I really like to write from Oshitari's point of view...^^; And yes, I was listening to the BSB song while writing this :) Oh and ignore all the mistakes, I wrote this in like...5 min...
Warning! Something up ahead >=D


"Yes, Gakuto?"

"You'll always stay with me, right? You'll always be there with me, won't you, Yuushi?"

"......yes...yes, I will, Gakuto. Always."


Yuushi sighed, once again confronted by the sterility of his home. Their home...

Silence deafened his ears as he treaded into his bedroom, sore from a toilsome day at the hospital. Retirement has been moving high up on his to do list in recent months that at this rate, it might come a few years earlier than expected.

Eagar to rest his aching bones, Yuushi collapsed onto his bed that seemed much too big for one person. Their bed...

He rolled to the side, only to come face to face with the delicate porcelain music maker he had received many years back. A little red head boy, who most people mistaken for a girl, stood on the ball of his foot, other leg slightly raised, reaching up to peck the cheek of a blunette. There they stood, stuck in time, hand in hand.

Sometimes, as the tensai watched the two rotate, they would spring to life in his mind, eliciting old memories.

His thoughts showed clearly what he saw. Him, the red head, laughter. He saw the happy, carefree faces of the two youths. He saw the intimate kisses they shared in the corner of the store. He saw two hands intertwined, fingers laced together. He saw everything.

But he failed to feel it.

The warm feeling he knew he was seeing hasn't come back since that day. It never came back so easily like it had used to, when he was with him.

Rings of echoes reverberated throughout the house. Yuushi laid in the comfort of his bed a little longer, before getting up to answer the phone. Just before he could pick it up, however, the answering machine went off.

"Oshitari Yuushi. I'm sorry, I'm not here at the moment. Leave a message and I'll try to call you back as soon as possible." Beep!

"Oi, Oshitari! I know you're there!"

Yuushi blinked. Shishido... "You're staring at that music thing again, aren't you? You do know today's your birthday, right? Do yourself a favor and lighten up. Choutarou's cooking up a storm tonight. Why don't you stop by for the feast? Atobe and Jirou are coming too.

The idea appealed to the tensai's ears. Ohtori's feasts were always a pleasure to have.

"Oh, before you do come though...why don’t you go pay him a visit? I haven't been able to go there for a while, and from what I've heard, neither have you. You should go see him. It'll save me the trouble of having to cheer you up myself. Say hi to him for me, will you?" The last bit was said in a whisper, sadness flowing through the words. "Ah! That's Atobe! 7 'o clock! Don't be late!" With that, he hung up.

After minutes of thought processing, Yuushi reminded himself to thank Shishido at dinner as he grabbed his messenger bag, slipping into his room one more time before leaving through the door.


His destination echoed with lifeless silence. Despite the lush tufts of verdant, gray resonated the area. Slowly, but surly, Yuushi walked through the maze of trails, only recalling the path from a memory once forgotten.

Supernatural forces seemed to have tugged on his heart as he came to a stop, eyes focused on the epitaph in front of him.

Hesitantly, he let his knees drop, the inscription screaming in his face.

Mukahi Gakuto

xxxx - xxxx

Beads of water threatened to pour, but he sucked it back in. As gingerly as possible, Yuushi reached for his messenger bag, and pulled out the porcelain music maker. His finger wounded it several times before setting it down on the slab of stone in front of the epitaph.

Lulling tunes flowed out, enticing him into an endless dream. A light feeling filled him, tempting him to look up. But he dared not and instead let his eyelids slide shut.

He smiles, and for the first time in countless years, Yuushi feels himself right next to Gakuto, hand in hand, feeling the sensation of bliss to be able to see the soul he had loved and still loves for all these years.

Hope you like it!
Tags: fanfic, oshigaku

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